We come into life on the breath and we go out of life on the breath.

How to proceed? Firstly with love and lastly with love, but in the space between, work on yourselves. Don't expect anyone to do it for you.

To be "awake" means to be awake to our higher possibilities.

Those who have gone before us and reached unity are not separate from us.

The most destructive force on God's earth is gossip.

You are the purpose of life on earth.

When you understand breath, time is on your side.

Allow yourself to be seen.

Know that you are loved.

Your universe is within the extent of your armspan.

There is no stronger word than agreement - without it nothing could exist.

Gratitude is the key to will.

Patience is the key to joy.

Every thought has a sound and every sound has a weight of meaning that goes with it.

-----Quotes from Reshad Feild